About Us

Full Service Recycler

In-Plas Recycling is a fully equipped, full service recycler. We meet our clients' challenges head on, and provide solutions that work.

In-Plas Recycling is a recycler and distributor of Post Industrial scrap, pellets, regrind and by-products. We successfully handle a wide variety of different thermoplastics, and create consistent value for our clients.

In-Plas Recycling on Forklift

Fully Equipped

In-Plas Recycling has the tools to tackle many types of scrap streams.

  • Granulators to 200 HP
  • 125 HP Shredder
  • Ribbon Blender
  • Density Separation Systems
  • Ferrous/Non Ferrous Metal Removal
  • Screening
  • Fines Removal
  • Drying
  • Carver Press
  • Melt Indexer
  • Izod testing

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Knowledgeable, Experienced Team

Our staff brings over 250 years of combined experience. Let us create an equitable return for your scrap.