Business Cases

Business Cases

Over the years, we've successfully tackled a wide range of challenges. Whether it's an off site location, a time sensitive operation or a complicated product mix, we can provide a customer solution to meet your needs.

Please review some of the ways we've helped others, and let us know how we can help you.

A Fortune 500 company was not receiving adequate compensation for its waste stream nor was it maximizing the amount of material that could be recycled. After reviewing a preliminary proposal from us, Management agreed that there were opportunities to lower costs and increase revenue and invited us to assess their situation in greater detail.

We met with the client's processing, purchasing and engineering staff to gain an understanding of the company's processes, waste issues and reclamation goals. Based on the client's specific needs, a complete solution was developed that would maximize scrap value, create landfill cost savings and increase their closed-loop recycling capabilities.

The client realized a dramatic decrease in landfill costs thru our ability to recycle their packaging, purge and assembly scrap. We set up a dedicated facility to handle the account, designed a plant wide identification system and put a recycling coordinator on-site to direct, control and help the client's staff keep the various materials separate. The resulting increase in purity and volume provided the client with both increased scrap revenue and greater in house recycling volume.