Business Cases

A client had a 50-truckload lot completely full of obsolete plastic and steel returnable packing. Client needed this space to prepare for new packaging and storage requirements while at the same time receiving fair market value for the obsolete containers. In addition, these items could only be loaded by the client's shop personnel at ground level and at off peak times due to the configuration of the location and focus during normal business hours. The client wanted to single source the material and needed a flexible solutions company to address their issues.

We met with the client to identify a solution to create the space they needed in the window of time required. The resolution included providing flat bed carriers that moved the obsolete inventory on weekends and after-hours to accommodate the client's timing needs.

We provided the space necessary to accept these materials at the pace the client needed to ship them. This allowed the client's new product line packaging to actually come in ahead of the set deadline. These resources and problem solving know-how allowed both the operational and financial goals of the client to be met.