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Buy From Us

How can we help you? In-Plas Recycling supplies quality recycled products.Please take a minute to let us know your requirements. 

Commodity Grade Regrinds

Ongoing suppliers of Regrind HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, HIPS, GPPS and Flexible PVC.

Enginering Grade Regrinds

Including but not limited to: ABS, ABS/PC, PA, PBT, PC, PPE/PA and PPO.

Custom Formulated Pellets

Recycled materials in Pellet form. Formulated and color matched to your specifications.

Acrylic, PC and PETG

Sheet and Trim Scrap

In Plas Recycling Why Buy From Us


We set the standard for quality

  • Every box tested and graded.
  • Bar code tracking
  • Knowledgeable operators 

We are not brokers, we are processors

  • We physically handle 100% of what we sell
  • We add value through every step of the process
  • We will only offer materials appropriate to your application. 

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is competitive and in line with the marketplace.